Scrivener's Moon and The Twilight of the Poo Goblins

Scrivener's Moon has been picking some very good reviews. Many thanks to Julia Eccleshare at Lovereading 4kids ("A fabulous new adventure..."),Rhys Jones at Thirst For Fiction ("probably the novel closest to the original Mortal Engines series we’ve had from the prequel series so far") and Tim Knight at HeroPress, who has got hold of the idea that Scrivener's Moon is the last we'll be seeing of Fever Crumb and her adventures - though he seems to think it's a pretty good farewell. 

I hope Tim won't be disappointed to learn that Fever will be back for at least one more book.  It was always my intention that there would be four Fever books, because it seemed important that if you placed them on one end of a seesaw and the original Mortal Engines quartet on the other, they would balance each other.  

However, Tim's right to suppose that I'm working on other stories and other worlds too: this morning I delivered a final draft of my fantasy novel to Scholastic, who will be publishing it next spring.  Its title at the moment is Clovenstone, and ancient and mythically resonant name which I stole off the destination board of an Edinburgh bus - but the publishing industry is always looking for more marketable titles these days, so by the the time it hits the shelves it will probably be called Twilight of the Poo Goblins or something.  I'll keep you posted.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to put the 'other' Scrivener's Moon cover on here: the funky non-illustrative one which adorns the large-format paperback.  So here it is: